Choose Exteriors Inc. for window replacement in Vancouver WA and more!

There are many companies you can choose to replace your roof, windows, and fencing. However, Exteriors Inc. provides its clients with exceptional service at an affordable price. We have been a family-owned and operated business, based in Vancouver, WA, for over 19 years. Our Owner Jeff Elliot has gathered extensive home improvement knowledge during his 25 years working within the industry, and is ready to impart that knowledge for window replacement in Vancouver WA and any other home improvement services you need!

Window Replacement is a comprehensive job

If you need your windows replaced, Exteriors Inc. is here for you. We know that upgrading your windows means improving energy efficiency and overall comfort in your home. We also know that upgrading your windows shouldn’t “break the bank.” We’re prepared to hammer out details with you so that you get exactly what you want for the price you can afford.
Our professional window replacers are hired based on their experience and commitment to the job. They’ll visit your home so that you can tell them exactly what you have in mind. They’ll also spend time going through catalogs and portfolios with you, so they can cater to your exact desires and needs.

Roof Replacement shouldn’t be taken lightly!

At Exteriors Inc., we know how important a roof is. Damaged roofs are serious problems, as they can cause leaks to sprout throughout the house, encourage insects to make their home there, cause mold and fungus to grow, as well as compromise the foundation of the house. We also realize that repairing or replacing a roof is a huge investment. We take the utmost care to make sure we correctly repair your roof so that it’s protected for a long time.

Siding Replacement can be a pain in the side

Siding on a house is like the skin on the human body: it protects everything on the inside. Which means if you don’t take care of damaged siding, building material found deeper into your home could end up with serious damage deeper. If you plan on selling your home, damaged and poor-looking siding will make it difficult to sell it at the price you want.
Here at Exteriors Inc., we offer a variety of siding options. We can provide you with siding from the top brands in the industry that often come with lifetime warranties. We’ll work with you to determine what kind of siding will protect your home while giving you the look and style that you want.

Fencing not only protects, it accents!

A lot of people desire fences as they add privacy and increase the value of homes. We are aware of this and offer a variety of fencing options. We build fences meant to stand up to harsh weather conditions such as the wind, rain, snow, and even unbearable heat. We are also dedicated to providing you with a fence that is within your budget: we’ll build fences of any size for both residential and commercial properties.

Bad weather? During our window replacement in Vancouver WA, stay at one of these top hotels!

When we come by to replace your windows of your Vancouver WA home, it might feel like you have nowhere to go. Fortunately, Vancouver WA is a hotbed of quality hotels that can help you pass the time! For a great value, try the Value Motel in west Vancouver WA at the intersection of NE 78th St and Hwy 99. Looking for something more upscale? The Heathman Lodge near the Vancouver Mall and Parkway Dr is one of a kind with a log cabin look right in the city!