The roof is one area that is often neglected perhaps because what is out of sight is out of mind. Most homeowners wait until there is a problem before they can raise alarm, but this may happen when it’s too late which will mean costly repairs not only to the roof but also to the furniture, flooring, drywall, important documents including anything else that will be in the way of dripping water. It is therefore important to get your roof inspected regularly by a trusted roof inspection company in Portland, Oregon. Roof Inspection Portland


Why You Need a Roof Inspection

Most contractors and roofing companies recommend roof inspection at least once every year. An annual inspection will help find the small damaged areas including any kind of weakness to the roofing material. This prevents costly damage in the future. Cracked or missing shingles will be found during the inspection and replaced before the deeper roofing materials can get damaged. However, while an annual roof inspection is highly recommended, there are certain events that may increase the frequency of an inspection which includes:


– Heavy and hard rains

– Hail

– Branches and limbs falling on your roof

– Windstorms

– Mildew and mold buildup

– Extremely cold weather conditions

– Intense or harsh heat


Roof inspections will determine the integrity of your roof as well as how long it can last. This will help you know when you need a repair or a roof replacement. Any missing, damaged or loose shingles should be replaced in order to ensure that the roof is functioning well. A roof inspection will identify any apparent or non-apparent damage easily and quickly which will extend the service life of your roof. Roof inspections should also be done after every severe weather event such as a heavy storm. A roof inspection is not all that expensive and will ensure that you sleep comfortably without worrying about the weather.


Importance of Hiring Professionals for Your Roof Inspection

Experienced roofing professionals have the know-how to carry out a roof inspection in Portland, Oregon. They can conduct a thorough and detailed roof inspection that takes care of every aspect of the roof including the small areas of concern that are often overlooked. The contractors will also offer repair suggestions based on the outcome of their inspection. Some of the areas that reputable roofing professionals will inspect includes:


– Loose fasteners

– Eves

– Chimney surface, both exterior and interior

– Blistering caused by trapped water vapor

– Brittleness or surface deterioration

– Signs that your roof may be compromised by settling of the building

– Open gaps or spacing around flashing

– The gutters

– Missing, cracked, splitting or loose surface materials

– Chimney deterioration

– Plywood sheathing for wooden roofs


Professional roof inspectors will not pull up tiles and shingles from your roof but have a set of procedures to follow in order to determine the lifespan of your roof without having to tear into it. Roof inspectors may use super-technical techniques such as infrared roof inspections to establish your roof’s integrity without even touching its surface. A roof inspection is a preventative maintenance job that is quite easy to overlook but it is important to take care of your roof to stop moisture damage that may result in expensive repairs.

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