Our roofing contractors in Portland will take care of you

Having a quality roof over the head is the dream for everyone building a home. While building a home, you need to make sure that the roof is getting the importance it should. As our homes age it is quite likely that it will start showing signs of wear and tear and the roof of the house which will first start manifesting these wear and tear. While simple problems can be set right using DIY methods, when things get complicated there would be no other way but to hire the services of experienced roofing contractors in Portland. This is not an easy job because not all roofs are the same and therefore you must look for somebody who can meet specific needs and requirements. Here are a few attributes to be kept in mind when it comes to hiring these professionals.


Experience and expertise are crucial for your roofers

Repairing roofs is not an easy job and it could be a big commitment in terms of time, money and effort. Hence as customers we should always look for those roofing contractors in Portland, who have experience coupled with expertise. This will help choose ones who have the best of technicians, engineers apart from possessing the right tools and accessories to do a thorough job of the work. Having the right license to operate is also something which must always be kept in mind. They should be willing to visit the home, office or the property where the roof is damaged. They must offer a firm quote only after assessing the damage and the effort, time and cost it would require.


Our roofing company is full-service

Before you get a free quote it is important to find out the types of services that are being offered by these services providers. Any good and reputed roofing contractor should offer a host of services ranging from full-service inspection, metal roofing, replacement of roofs, insulation of roof, construction of new roof, installation of new skylight apart from repairing of existing ones, flashing repair and various other such jobs.


We know all kinds of roofs

With all the different home styles in Portland, there are many kinds of roofs to work on. For example, some homes use eco-friendly or solar roofs which require a completely different approach when it comes to servicing and repairing. In the same light there could be different types of roofs requiring different approaches and it would not be advisable to paint each one of them with the same brush.


Check out our great reviews!

Given the fact that there are dozens of such service providers, the onus lies on the customers to look for those who offer transferable warranties, satisfied customer references, warranties for labor as well and materials and much more. In fact there are a few such roofing companies which offer even referral bonuses to customers which certainly is a testimony to the quality which they provide at all points of time.

Our roofing contractors work fast!

Although we pride ourselves on our speed, we expect a few hours at minimum for our roof repair or roof replacment job to be finished. In the meantime, stop by some of the great local restaurants in the Portland area. The Screen Door at E Burnside St near NE 24th Ave offers traditional southern cooking with the quality ingredients Portlanders expect. Want something that gives the authentic feel of the city? Try Pizza Jerk on NE 42nd Ave between NE Sumner St and Ne Alberta St and you’ll notice something is different with one click on the website!